Why Flutter Cross Platform App Development is Better than Ionic?

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3 min readJul 22, 2022


Choosing a hybrid framework with the required set of functionality, within your budget could be drooping many a times. Every framework is different and unique in its own way. “Code once, use everywhere”, is the mantra that is booming in the IT industry right now. These days, businesses prefer Hybrid mobile applications as it cuts down the costs and the development time. In today’s world, the most popular hybrid frameworks are Ionic and Flutter Cross Platform App Development. Choosing between both frameworks is definitely not an easy task. Before selecting any one of them, knowing the detailed compatibilities of both the frameworks of utmost importance. Flutter and Ionic have always proved to have a fierce war, and choosing anyone is critical.

First of all, let us know about both the frameworks in detail and know the uniqueness of their offerings.

What is Flutter Cross Platform App Framework ?

In simple words, Flutter is Google’s UI Toolkit. For building the native compiled applications for desktop, mobile phones, and web from a single codebase. Google has introduced Flutter in 2015 and since then, its buzz has consistently been growing in the market. Flutter is a cross-platform app development tool that uses a modern and reactive framework. The apps created by Flutter uses Dart, an object-oriented programming language. Flutter has always been focusing on User Interface.

User Interface Of Flutter Cross Platform

Flutter app framework usually revolves around widgets. The user interface by Flutter is made by combining different kinds of widgets, each defining a structural element like a menu or button. A stylistic element like the color scheme and font layout like padding, etc. Flutter provides its own readymade widgets.

Any object in Flutter is considered as a widget. May it be font, padding or the menu. The widgets can be combined anytime to create the layouts. You can also choose the widgets at any level of customization. The user interface customization that usually takes the longest to finish in other frameworks takes the minimum amount of time with cross-platform app development by Flutter. Next time, hire flutter app developers to give the best UI to your app.

DART For Flutter Cross Platform

Dart is an object-oriented language that is very similar to C++ and Java because of its syntax. Dart has been supporting both weak and strong typing styles, making it usable for beginners as well. Flutter has always been using Dart because of its nature. Flutter uses Just In Time compilation, i.e JIT compilation which results in the faster compilation cycle.

In this case, though the development itself slows down a lot, the JIT compilation manages to result in a faster compilation cycle. Usually, in Android development, the work has been separated into layout and code. But the dart makes sure to keep the layout and code in a single place. As every element in Flutter is treated as a widget, the layout is created in Dart. The Dart compiles in native code without any bridge.




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