5 Must-Known PHP Frameworks For Businesses

Know The Basics of PHP framework

Before comparing PHP frameworks, one should know about the frameworks and their benefits for web development and other programming areas.

We got you covered with some of the PHP Frameworks For Businesses making your search more convenient

Are you looking for detailed information on the same topic? We have created this article to make your job hassle-free. Skim the article to get what you are looking for!


Undoubtedly, the Laravel Framework is famous amongst all the PHP developers. The framework was introduced in 2011 and has climbed the ladder of success immediately. It’s an open-source framework that can assist in both large and small PHP projects. Laravel is always appreciated to follow the MVC architecture, which lets PHP developers section the application to make it less confusing


CodeIgniter is another trusted PHP MVC framework with its own identity because of its capabilities that guarantee an ideal and perfect web application performance.


If you are looking to create an essential structure for your website, then the Zend PHP framework is what you need. It is an open-source framework with all MVC functionality included in it.



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